Thursday, July 10, 2008


Javier Hernandez @ the Cartoonistas FIRST EVER art show @ GEEKS comic book shop in uptown Whittier, CA!


Gras Rodriguez (of Kick me Down Prod.) showcases her Punisher painting.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cartoonistas GEEKS art show

Geeks show pics!

Thanks to GEEKS in Whittier for hosting the first ever CARTOONISTAS art show. It was a blast. We had a nice little turn out for a holiday weekend. We hope to do more shows in the future. The Cartoonists's exhibit will be up until August. Go check it out in uptown Whittier!

The Punisher by Gras Rodriguez

Javier Hernandez and Jim Lujan

Renato (Nuvien Foundation) and artist Gras.

Securityman art by Jim Lujan

The partypeople.

More non-stop party peeps.

Art by Jose Cabrera, the Crying Macho Man.

Demolition Dove and Daddy Dove, Jav Hernandez.

More Jim Lujan art.

Will Caufeilds amazing art.