Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cartoonistas at the Atlantic Library (Commerce, CA)

(L-R) Will Caulfield, Ted Seko, Javier Hernandez, Jim Lujan, Gras Rodriguez

Over 100 in attendance!

Smiley happy people enjoying the live art

Will's Thomas the Choo Choo

Jim and Matt... future Cartoonista?

Javier and Dimitri, talented artist

SuperGirl by Gras

HellBoy by Ted

The legendarily famous "Joker" poster by Javier

Thanks Ted Lujan for the gig. The staff at the Atlantic Library were amazing. The kids...CRAZY! we loved it. They did too! Over 100 people in attendance. WOW. What an awesome night. Javier Hernandez ROCKED the crowd with his Iron Man and Joker pieces. Near child rioting broke out when it came time for the free raffle. The Iron Man will be hanging up in the library soon (he donated it). It was a packed house and the Cartoonistas would love to do it again.