Friday, March 13, 2009

Pasadena Art Night Pics!

Friday the 13th- Pasadena Art Night 2009. The city is open for art. Free shuttles and lots of gallery shows. We displayed at the Pasadena Central Library, our second showing there. The Cartoonistas were represented by Gras Rodriguez, Javier Hernandez, Jim Lujan and Raul Aguirre, Jr. (L-R; Jim, Raul, Jav, Gras)

El Muerto by Javier Hernandez. This was a large sized acrylic painting.

Big Bad Bill was thrilled to receive a "Lil Bill" painting by Jim Lujan. Bill has always supported the Cartoonistas (and the arts) and we love 'em!
Jim Lujan's art table.
Raul Getting his art on!

Our man in Pas, Library master Nick! Thanks for treating us so well.

Jim Lujan and Raul Aguirre...animators united....or is it animators untied?

Javier Hernandez: " paparazzi!" Jav was one of the main attractions this evening. He demonstrated comic creation techniques and the crowds were really into it. Javier teaches a comic workshop and really has the magic touch when it comes to teaching.

All in all the people really made the show special. Thanks to all the parants and kids and couples and teens that made our night in PASADENA ROCK! As Arnie said...."We'll Be Bach (Yeh, I said Bach!)

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