Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interview with a Cartoonista: GEO BRAWN

10 questions with the Cartoonista's loveable, friendly, smiling, huggable prince of darkness (yup...we just said that right there!)

1) To those who haven’t read your work, How would you summarize the Geo Brawn creative universe?

It's a bit scary, a bit fantastic, a bit real all rolled into one. It's where the line between supernatural and the natural world is blurred just enough.

2) Do fans of Twilight run in horror from your work once they realize it’s so different?

Most of the time, yes. And that's okay, really. I pride myself on having vampires in my stories that don't sparkle.

3) If you could make a movie of one of your books- Who would you cast as the lead and who would direct?

I was lucky enough to meet Guillermo del Toro last year,and I love his work with Pan's Labyrinth, Blade II and the Hellboy Movies, So that's a no brainer for me. I'd love to have him direct Everdance. And as for a starring actress to play the lead of Kate Bennett. I'd love to have someone like Anne Hathaway. She was a pick of mine for her innocence and yet dark side that I've seen her play. The role would need someone who could do both and change it on a dime, so to speak.

4) What’s the best thing about having your very own art show?

For me its being able to really put a spotlight on the characters of my stories in The Untold Chronicles. But also I think the same same could be said for any piece I do for a show. Even none chronicles related. I think its about bringing the subject to life for those who view it in the way I see it. Living.

5) Do you listen to music when you create art? If so, who are you listening to lately?

Always. I need that sound to flow when I work. My itunes library is 17,000+ titles just for that reason. And my listening choices depend on the scene I'm creating. Hard rock
for action sequences, soft ballads for sad or heart warming moments. It depends, I love Peter Gabriel, and Tori Amos's early work, I lately am into Florence and the Machine,
And The work of Bable too. Kate Bush will always be a favorite of mine. I like sounds that open one's mind. The Script is really good too. Oh and I just got into Mumford and Sons... They got a lot of heart.

6) If people only judge a book by its cover- what’s one thing that would surprise people about you?

That in spite of having a dark brooding appearance, I am very approachable and light spirited. The dark side of me is very noticeable, But I like to go out and have a beer
and joke around too. Most people are shocked by that. They think of me first, and immediately wanna hide the butcher knives... But after a minute or two that get very
comfortable and realize I'm not going to eat them with a bowl of pinto beans and a nice Chianti.

7) What’s the one Geo Brawn book someone DOESN’T want to read right before going to bed?

I think Everdance (Book One) is a good one to not read before you tuck into bed. The idea that the person living next door, who you've seen at Trader Joe's and walking the
dog at dusk is a blood thirsty vampire behind closed doors is the scariest concept of all. People like to see their monsters out right. The monster within, to me, is the scariest
one of all. The eyes in the dark waiting for you to let your guard down... And all along it's the guy you saw watering his or her lawn. The monster you can't see, until it
sinks its fangs in you like a Big Mac.

8) Do you draw from photo reference usually or from your mind’s eye?

I do both. I like the realism of a photo reference for some pages and need it to really hook the reader in. And other times I over animate a face or a body language to illustrate or emphasize a light or comedic moment. I love blending funny occurrences with my stories. I mean thats what life's like a lot of time too. It makes the reader more relaxed right before I go in for the kill on a page.

9) Does your wife (Nancy) ever give you advice or critiques on your work?

A lil' story,.. We'd been dating all of two weeks when I get this call at eleven O' clock at night and its her. And just as soon as I say hello she starts in, "You're doing it wrong... You put in your website that this characters name means this, when it actually means that. You need to fix it!" I knew then I was gonna marry this girl. Right then. My wife has two masters and two bachelors degrees in ancient studies and mythology. SHe is actually brave enough to be working on her Ph.D as we speak. Her knowledge really does come in very handy in my work, because she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally. We have an extensive library at home on any reference
I might ever need. So I do indeed consider her a major asset in my work.

10) What is your latest project, and where can people find it?

My latest work it a kind of follow-up to Book One in The Untold Chronicles, called Blood Rites; Next Gen. Its the story that plays the other side of the coin to Everdance.
where the main character Kate has to learn to survive after her vampire husband and blood provider is killed, this book Blood Rites is the story of the group of
supernaturals who killed him, and their history and story through the eyes of their newest member, Cherry Bomb. And it'll be available on my website, and through Indyplanet.com, And various comic stores like Geeks in Whittier, and JPM Comics in and anywhere you can catch me at the many horror cons I do like Monsterpalooza, Weekend of Horrors, or Trinity of Terror. Just goto www.BRAWNGRAPHIX.Com to stalk me out!!!