Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cartoonistas meeting 8/8/08

Just about everybody. Art jam and some good grub. 8/8/08 was the second meeting of the CARTOONISTAS in the San Gabriel Valley. We also recorded a live episode of Planet Comic Book Radio (thanks Jav and Nuvien!)

Sweet art jam.

Aaaaaw....pals. Jim Lujan/Jose Cabrera.

Jose, Jav, and Mikey.

Jav and Bernice.

One of the art jams. Each panel is a different artist.

Javier and Steve check out the bounty of empenadas. Gras picked them up at "Tito's" in El Monte. Good stuff.
Thank you Gras!

Ted Seko and Steve Romo work on some art. These two were classmates in an art class in college and hadnt seen each other in years before hooking up with the Cartoonistas. See? Were changing the world one Seko/Romo at a time!

Jose Cabrera will be leaving us for 9 months. Mexico, get ready for the Crying Macho Man. He got an amazing scholarship. We'll see ya when you return J.C! (wiping tears)

Will Caulfield rocks.
Michael Aushenker works his magic on a jam piece.

Planet Comic Book Radio in Studio

The Cartoonists invade Planet Comic Book Radio!!!

8/8/08- Javier Hernandez interviews Ted Seko and Will Caufield (Jim Lujan is there)!

Hanging out with some of the Cartoonistas.