Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rowland Heights Saftey Fair pics

The Cartoonistas were happy to be invited to the Rowland Heights Safety Fair. The event included lots of community organizations (including the Nuvein foundation for the Arts). We met lots of nice folks and did some cool (if we say so ourselves) art. Thanks to everyone that came down and supported us! Be sure to check our calendar for future events (on the top righthand side of this site).

Jim Lujan with a Batman/Joker "Dont Do the Crime" poster.

Raul Aguirre creating a Stewie masterpiece for an adoring public.

Jav and Raul talking the talk at the booth.

Yes, thats Sheriff Lee Baca right there. He's looking at a Cartoonista sketch (not!).
Possible furure Cartoonista? Shane, I believe. This kid could DRAW!

Wolverine by Javier Hernandez. For opening day of Wolverine (May 6th) the Cartoonistas will be drawing outside at RUBIOS in next to the Edwards Theater in West Covina!

All in all it was a blast. Great weather, cool people, and lots of vibrant art made. A good day! Stay tuned to our calendar for future events! If you're interested in having the Cartoonistas draw at your place of business...leave us a comment below!