Sunday, February 15, 2009

West Covina Library Event Photo and Video

It was a packed house. Everybody seemed to have a pretty good time. Loud and fun. There was a ton of artwork created that day. Lots of folks went home happy.

Javier showing the kids some "how to" up on the board.

Lucky winner of some Javier Hernandez artwork.

Jim Lujan doodle challenge with the kids. They start the doodle, Jim finishes it.

Quite possibly the happiest boy in the world. Winner of Jim Lujan artwork.

Bernice Talley entertains the kids with some lovely artwork.

Part of Javier's "How to make Comics" mini-workshop. The kids LOVED it.

Panda by Bernice Talley.
Fairytale Rabbits by Grasiella Rodriguez.

Nuvein was well represented at the event. Nuvein is the San Gabriel Valley's Fondation for the promotion of the arts. Thanks to them and the WC library for hosting this event.
Cartoonista artwork in the library lobby.

Checking out the library PRE-event.

There was some raffling going on.

Talking a little bit about the Cartoonistas.

Jim Lujan draws from a doodle (by a kid).

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