Sunday, November 23, 2008

Recession Expressions Photos!

Cartoonistas attack! Jim, Gras, Ted, Javier, Romo, Will

Lovely art, lovely art patrons.

Cartoonistas art was displayed as it was created on the walls of Geeks and was sold.

Window art! Yes! Just like in Amsterdam's red light district? Well, not quite. There was a crowd gathered all night though. It was sort of surreal. That's Steve Romo in the window.

The newest Cartoonista: ROXANA! She made her debut at this event and she ROCKED! We are glad to have her on board. She brings a great variety to the already diverse lineup.

The Lady Cartoonistas dazzling the crowd.

Ted Seko revealed an amazing black and white creature style that completely amazed the crowd. We hope to see more of that in the future. He did 3 or 4 pieces in that style that evening. They were hugely popular.

Jim and the power of tape.

Will C. on window duty.


Gras and her Emily piece.

Ted and another happy customer!

Jav kills the Punisher artistically.

Ted Seko-stein.

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